In The Heights comes home

In The Heights comes home

Last night, In The Heights came home to Washington Heights with a one-night only benefit concert for the Viva Broadway initiative. The concert brought the original cast back together at the United Palace Theater, AKA the United Palace of Cultural Art Center – a glorious setting at Broadway between 175th and 176th street, right in … Continue reading


CBS’ Elementary tease

Last week CBS unveiled the new additions to its fall lineup, a mixture of dramas and comedies that will more likely than not fail directly out of the gate. That’s not me being a pessimist or evil wisher, it is just me being honest. TV shows, in this day-and-age, have a relatively short lifespan. And … Continue reading

A witness to Sherlock mania

Since I wasn’t able to attend the Sherlock PBS Q&A the night before, I decided to head over to the Apple store in Soho on Thursday evening and check out Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue. The two were appearing at the store as part of Apple’s Meet the Producers series. Having had my fair share … Continue reading

The game is on: Sherlock returns to U.S. television

If you’ve never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch, or have watched his version of Sherlock Holmes,  you have either: A. Been living under a rock; B. Clearly aren’t friends with me and have obviously never read this blog; or C. Don’t watch much British telly. Whatever the case may be, you will likely be hearing of … Continue reading

The Avengers: Whedon delivers perfection

When we traveled to Cleveland last summer to witness first hand the filming of Avengers, we knew it was going to be big. The collapsed building facades, flipped cars, charred NYC ruins were all indications that an epic battle would serve as the film’s climactic scene.  As NYC police cars and ambulances rushed in, sounds … Continue reading

Where you at, fatty?

I’ve been rather quiet the last few months, not for lack of fangirling, I’ve been doing plenty of that on my own private time;  life’s just gotten in the way, work’s been extremely busy and I’ve been busting my ass off trying to lose weight. That’s right, this Puerto Rican indulged mucho on those delicious, … Continue reading