Loving Mr. Bad

For as long as I can remember I’ve always preferred the bad guy over the good guy. I’m not talking about real life here. In real life I solely root for Mr. Good. I only date good guys, even though some end up being quite craptastic. And I consider myself one of the good guys. I mean girl!

But when it comes to works of fiction, whether its books, films, TV shows, Mexican telenovelas, comic books, etc., I’ve always found myself cheering-on the dark side, and its not because I lack a heart or secretly want bad things to happen to people, it simply boils down to one thing: the baddie character is complex.

What is always intriguing about the villain is that more often than not there’s a reason behind his/her turning to the dark side—whether its jealousy, feeling neglected or simply wanting to be loved. With the bad guy you’re not given a black or white history like you (at least most of the time) are with the goody-two-shoes-hero. Instead, Mr. Bad is filled with all this internal gray matter, all these delicious complex layers. He wasn’t born evil. He was thrust upon this world of wickedness. He’s not really a menace, he’s just hurt and unloved. All he needs is a hug!

Lets take the film Thor for example starring Chris Hemsworth (& his delicious abs) as Thor and Tom Hiddleston (& his horns) as Loki.

Thor, is in essence, the star of the show. As heir to the throne he’s about to be crowned king. The man has got the face, body and the cockiness to entice any lady into falling head-over-heels and any army to have his back. I will readily admit that his topless scene did lead to some serious drooling. But the guy that stole my heart was Loki—the thin, dark haired, mischievous, hungry looking, younger brother.

There’s one scene in the the film that cemented my adoration for Mr. Bad—Youtubers have referred to it as his Hamlet Scene. During this moment in the film Loki discovers that his entire life has been an utter lie.

He pleads to his kidnapper…er, father Odin to tell him the truth of his origins, his reasons for bringing him to Asgard and his motives for keeping the truth from him all these years.  Its in this moment you as the viewer understand why he takes a dip on the nasty side.  This new—now that I know I’m a FrostGiant I get why I was never seen as Thor’s equal—Loki is lost. It’s a Loki that is hurt and feels completely betrayed. Shit, even Odin can’t handle it, so he lays himself down and takes a bloody nap!

Thanks to the acting brilliance of Mr. Tom Hiddleston the viewer witnesses Loki’s transformation from Mr. Mischievous to Mr. Bad. You notice it in his voice, in his face and in those cool green eyes. Not only has he realized he is the spawn of a Frostgiant—or as he so eloquently puts it “the monster parents tell their children about at night”—but he realizes he’s just another pawn in Odin’s grand scheme of things—”just another stolen relic.” Loki truly belongs nowhere and to no one. Straddling two worlds, he is too small to be a useful frost giant and too untrustworthy to be an Asgardian.

The entire scene is heartbreaking and Hiddleston performs the scene in its entirety with such fervor and desperation that his eyes begin to water as he exclaims “TELL MEEEEEEE!” If you didn’t have the urge to want to give this sad man a hug during this moment, then you my friend are cold!

Come to think of it, maybe that’s where the real allure of loving Mr. Bad is. I want to take care of him, give him a hug, show him I care and that I get it. I really do get it.

Life has dealt him a very shitty card and this is what he chooses to do with his pain. All he wants is to know that he matters, and isn’t that what we all want—to know that I matter in this world, that I’m not just taking up space, to know that my efforts are enough.

One must not forget though, that the greatest aspect of Mr. Bad’s character is his potential redemption. Deep down he’s not all that bad. And he will get better.

But, for now, he’s angry. Pissed off. Feeling downright neglected. And why wouldn’t he be feeling like this? All he wants is his dad’s love, and when the old fart finally does wake up from his nap, all the old man can say to him is “No, Loki.”  Rejected again. Loki can only respond by letting go and falling into the abyss.

So tragic.

And to think, all the poor thing needed was a hug.


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