A peek behind the curtain…

For about a year now, I have toyed with the idea of having a blog. I had a Xanga blog when I was younger but after I graduated College and entered full-fledged adulthood (and subsequently the work force) my creative juices dried up.

I’ve been writing mostly for technical magazines since, leaving me little time to write creatively.

As of late though I’ve been feeling the need to get artistic and inject some energy back into my writing. Hence, we have the birth of “Heiress 2 No Throne: The ramblings of an aimless traveler

The name is long, but I needed something that would sum up what I am and what this blog would be about.

The idea behind the name “Heiress 2 No Throne” is really two-fold.

The most immediate comes from the notion that Hispanics, at least poor ones like myself, don’t have estates or treasures to pass on to their children. We don’t write wills. We inherit nothing when someone dies, except maybe some old plates and furniture.

The title also serves as a tribute-of-sorts for women. It is no secret that in the past women  had to give up their rightful inheritance in favor of a male heir—that’s the main reason why in Pride & Prejudice Mrs. Bennett is so adamant about having Jane marry Mr. Bingley, because the creepy Mr. Collins gets the money after Mr. Bennett drops dead. Even today, in the U.K., if William and Kate produce a female child first and a male second, the male child will be in line for the throne before his older sister. Crappy rules, I know!

The other part: “The ramblings of an aimless traveler” is really what the blog is about. Anyone that knows me knows how eclectic my tastes are—be it traveling, food, films, music, photography. I like a little bit of everything, so this blog will reflect that.

Hopefully everyone will get a kick out of it and enjoy a small glimpse into my colorful and sometimes random world.


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