Getting ready for Comic Con

In one week, New York Comic Con will kick off its four-day geekasm festivities at the Jacob Javitz Center in midtown Manhattan. Over 100,000 people are expected to make their way through the center’s halls in anticipation of what comic book writer, artist, legend or celebrity they could run into.

My first, and only experience with Comic Con, came three years ago when the guy I was dating at the time—lets call him Manatee—took me to his version of heaven, a place filled with comic book aficionados, folks dressed in costumes and a shit-load of older men wearing shorts. And while observing superheroes parading around the show floor proved to be quite entertaining, I couldn’t help but wonder what the big deal was. Aside from the fact that it literally looked like a giant costume party—and who doesn’t love a good costume party—the whole affair didn’t exactly live up to the hype.

I have to admit though, that it is an unfair assessment on my part, since I didn’t get to experience Con the way others did—I most certainly didn’t get to see half the events that took place.

Manatee refused to attend any and all TV/Film panels for fear it would take time away from HIS time at Con. Instead I was dragged from booth-to-booth in search of the latest must-have graphic novels, action figures and  DVD’s.

For two days straight, from 11 am to 7 pm, I booth hopped with Manatee and watched him go through 10 milk crates until he found the issue/figurine/DVD he was looking for. And, while I may sound like I’m complaining, or making fun of him and others at Comic Con, I’m really not. I was happy to be there for him. He loved Comic books and I sure as hell wasn’t going to stand in the way of that. I mean, I completely understand the concept of fandom. I comprehend the passion. It’s the same way I feel about cakes, movies and English actorsand Lord knows that I love me some English actors—so I understand the need to fully partake in an event that celebrates the things/people you love.

Which is partly why I’ve decided to go back to Comic Con this year.
With no Manatee to force me onto the show floor for eight hours straight, I’ll be able to take in as many panels as I’d like and truly experience the awesomeness Comic Con promises to be.

I will admit though, that what really sealed the deal for me was the chance to attend The Avengers panel and possibly see Mr. Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston in the flesh. He’s English you know! And with my press pass for the show, I may just be able to get up close and personal with the guy 🙂

See, I told you, I totally understand the notion of fandom.


3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Comic Con

  1. Please call me on Monday and tell me if you did get up close with him, and subsequently took him home with you.

    Also, I love cake too. We’re such fat kids.

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