Avengers are here (insert fangirl squeal)

The long awaited Avengers trailer has finally hit the web, and while I’m laid up in bed because the world around me won’t stop bloody spinning, I can NOT, and will not, contain my excitement for this film, this trailer, and YES, Loki’s voiceover at the start.

You were made… to be ruled.”

Rule me baby! Woot!

Head on over to Apple trailers to check out Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Nick Fury, Hawkeye & Black Widow as they assemble to battle Mr. Bad himself, Loki. You can also check the trailer out at the end of this post.

Be still my heart.

The fangirl in me is jumping for joy.
May 4th, hurry up and get here NOW!!!


3 thoughts on “Avengers are here (insert fangirl squeal)

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