Avengers-Fangirl: A road trip to fandom

I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve watched the Avengers trailer about 80 times today—I was able to do this because  I was feeling crappy, so no work!  Needless to say after watching the trailer for most of the day I’m still mopping the drool off the floor. Hey, I’m sick and in love with superheroes & villains. Don’t judge me!

I should warn you though, that if you assume my love for the Avengers is simply a result of my deep, deep, desire for Loki, you’re wrong. No, the Avengers addiction began the moment Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury told Tony Stark he wanted to discuss the Avengers Initiative.

The fire was only further fueled by the Loki love and the fondness over Chris Evans’ assets—which I will discuss at a later date.

So, because of this healthy—albeit possibly dangerous—obsession, this past August I convinced my dad to drive the whole family to Cleveland, where they happened to be filming ::drumroll:: …The Avengers!

The moment we got there, we saw some of the New York set which included crushed NYC cabs, blown out windows and burnt buildings along 42nd Street and Madison Avenue.

And some weird gold plane, which is rumored to belong to the Skrulls.

We even tried to come up with ways to be extras. After all, the film does take place, at least for a bit in NY, and who better to act as a New Yorker, than a New Yorker. Right? Right?!

Yea, production didn’t buy it either.

We didn't get our 15-mins of fame, but my younger siblings did score some bullets from the set. The little sister is shown with her three shells.

That night we made our way to Public Square and Tower City where they were shooting some German scenes.

Do you know who was filming that night?

And I missed him, because I was too damn short to see over the fences, giant fans and cranes! I could hear the action. I could hear the bloody screaming and running. But I couldn’t see the action. Why were they running? Who were they running from?

My dad, who did manage to get a peek, immediately informed me “Its the guy with the gold horns, they’re running away from him.”


I later found out that on that same night, around 2:30 am, Hiddleston and Chris Evans filmed a fighting scene.


Before leaving Cleveland we did manage to take a walk through the German set, where the Renaissance Hotel doubled as the Hotel Strabe; and Public Square was Schlossplatz.

During our entire stay in Cleveland the city was buzzing with excitement over having this huge Hollywood Blockbuster filming in their city. Each morning we were greeted with news of the film’s stars, possible sightings and set updates. It was loads of fun, and most importantly set the stage for what is sure to be one hell of a movie next year—and one heck of a love affair between myself and the Avengers.

Avengers Assemble, May 4, 2012.


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