NYCC 2011: Bring me your geeks, your costumed, your fanboy(girl) masses

New York Comic Con was packed.


Filled with every geek and comic book nerd in the Tri-State area.

Like there were so many people in there, my hypoglycemic ass could have fainted and remained standing because my body wouldn’t have been able to fall down, packed.

You get the point.

A legion of Comic book fans made their annual pilgrimage to the Javitz center to take in all that they love from the comic book world, in four days or less. For the first time in its five-year history, NYCC offered a four-day pass, which proved beneficial to those who wanted to take in the show but avoid the masses and those who needed an extra day of celebrating their inner geek.

While official numbers are still being tallied, Lance Fensterman, VP of ReedPop Exhibitions, the promoter and overseer of the show, believes attendance numbers will be around the 105,000 mark.

The number is staggering but not surprising. It was expected to be a huge show. And with a line up that included cast from Conan the Barbarian, The Walking Dead and The Avengers, as well as appearances and signings by GOD himself, Stan Lee and a demi-God in his own right, Mark Hamil, you knew there would be people everywhere.

Having not attended Comic Con in over three years, I was, to say the least a bit nervous.
See, I’m not really Comic Book savvy, the extent of my knowledge comes from a set of Marvel trading cards I had when I was younger, and TV shows and films based on Comic books, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how diverse the show is (and has become).

Walking the exhibition floor we went into t-shirt areas, where we purchased too many shirts; the artist alley, where we met some neat creative people; and the gaming section where we had a chance to watch as Wonder Woman, the Green Ranger and a shirtless dude played Just Dance, flailing their bodies about and really enjoying the moment. We played Angry Birds on some large PC screens in the Intel area, and yes, even on a bigger screen I suck at the game. Freakin’ birds.

We made our way to the Transformers section, where a back and forth yelling match about Decepticons and Autobots was taking place. No clue why they were yelling, but I did get hit in the head by one of the flying purple Decepticon rubber bracelets. A large scale model of Optimus would later prove vital when we decided he would become our meet-up area, “meet me under Optimus’ crotch around noon,” we’d say.

We stopped those with costumes and took pictures with them. These costumes, by the way, were some of the most intricate, beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  The amount of dedication and care that goes into making some of those elaborate pieces is both impressive and inspiring.

Further proving an earlier blogging point, that the ladies are crazy about Loki, I spotted three girls dressed as the God of Mischief. There were a number of guys dressed as Thor’s little brother, but the girls’ costumes were beyond amazing, and they may have inadvertently inspired my Halloween costume this year. I wonder if Tom Hiddleston would lend me his green cape.

While hanging out at the Marvel booth on Friday, which if I’m correct was part of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier in the Avengers film—and featured an awesome Steve Rogers/Captain America display (see photo below), I found out tickets would be given out the following morning to meet Hiddleston and Evans. So on Saturday, as tired as I was, I got up at the crack of dawn and made my way to the Javitz Center with high hopes that I’d meet Mr. Bad and Captain America.

I didn’t win.

I didn’t even get close.

The line for tickets wrapped around Marvel’s entire booth and made its way across the exhibition floor. There had to be about 200 people in front of me before the Marvel rep informed us the drawing was over.

On the bright side I was able to take in a few more of the exhibitions, buy a few more shirts, meet some awesome people and witness one of the most coveted panels of the weekend.

NYCC may have been packed with nerds, but they are a passionate, intelligent, creative and dedicated bunch who aren’t afraid to celebrate what they love.

I salute you geeks, and will hopefully see you again next year.


4 thoughts on “NYCC 2011: Bring me your geeks, your costumed, your fanboy(girl) masses

  1. With Javits packed to the gills with geeks, I would suggest that next year ReedPop consider spinning of the Anime part of the convention into it own event. It would provide everyone with a little elbow room. I would also suggest spreading out the big screening panels over the four days instead of having the most desirable panels back to back to back.

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