Tom Hiddleston joins Twitter…Hiddlestoners rejoice

Somewhere between London and NYCC last weekend Tom Hiddleston joined Twitter.
The English-actor, who has gained much notoriety and fangirls since his portrayal as Loki in Thor, has been tweeting once or twice a day to his 5,000+ followers since his entrance into the Twittersphere. Or is it Twitterverse?

I favor Twitter because its a great forum for celebrities to not only connect with fans instantly, but validate them as well. The connection also gives fans a glimpse at a favorite actor/singer/celebrity’s everyday life. It lets you see that “hey, they’re human too!”
Which is why I was excited to hear Hiddles had joined.

Hiddleston promised fans, who at first doubted it was really him, that the “proof would be in the pudding.” Since then, his tweets have mostly consisted of his “song” or “quote” of the day. Which is great. Really. It is. But, I’m kind of hoping for something more—and don’t get me wrong, I’m not in anyway asking for him to tweet fans back or retweet things, I know he’s busy. I’m not even asking for him to tweet anything too serious or personal, but rather a tweet about the book he’s reading, the role that he’s working on or what he did during the day. In other words more pudding Hiddles. More pudding!

So I’m asking you Mr. Tom Hiddleston, if you’re reading this, which, who am I kidding, you’re probably not—If its not too much trouble, could you tweet us a pic of your breakfast, your slippers, the road you just traveled on, anything? I’ll even settle for a photo of a cup of pudding. Just give us a glimpse into the world of Tom.

A devoted Hiddlestoner

P.S. Thanks for joining Twitter. Keep those tweets coming.


4 thoughts on “Tom Hiddleston joins Twitter…Hiddlestoners rejoice

  1. As a celebrity, he should look into getting a verified twitter account. There was an imposter posing as the “real” Chris Evans, star of Captain America, a few months ago. The account was eventually deleted. Samuel L. Jackson just joined twitter and he’s verified already:

    Just sayin’! You want to be talking to the actual dude. Tweeter beware! 🙂

    • I agree with you completely. He should get verified!
      The only verification that we have that its him at this is moment—is a number of co-stars from The Avengers film have tweeted their followers to follow him. But the stamp of verification next to him name would be much appreciated.

      BTW, I think that Chris Evans impostor is still around…there are a number of twitter sites claiming to be him haha

      • You’re right about Chris Evans and the fake accounts. The specific one I was thinking of was and that has been suspended. It’s also not such an unusual name, but nobody should be posing as the actual actor. It’s so complicated, LOL!

        I agree also that if Tom has the acknowledgment of his friends and costars, then he’s probably the real deal. 🙂

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