Book Review: Loki by Mike Vasich

“As the venom streamed down once more, he heard the unmistakable sound of a wolf howling. It would not be long now. Ragnarok had come, and he would see Asgard crushed and burned till he trod on the ashes of all those who had wronged him.”

I’m not particularly fond of writing reviews, it makes me feel like I’m judging someone, and I hate doing that. But when the work is great and deserves praise, well then, I’m more than happy to raise my voice and shout “READ THIS BOOK, ITS AMAZING!” And LOKI, by Mike Vasich deserves all the praise in the nine realms.

Its bloody fantastic. Literally, BLOODY and FANTASTIC.

Having never heard of Norse Mythology before, it should come as no surprise that I found this book after watching the film THOR. Like many who enjoyed the movie (and Tom Hiddleston’s performance as Loki), I wanted to take in as much information on Norse Mythology as humanly possible and immerse myself in the world of the Norse Gods.

LOKI does not disappoint.

From the very first page I was addicted to the Trickster’s narrative. Hearing his side of the story, and getting into his head was not only refreshing but also insightful. I always feel that there’s more to the “bad” guy than just a desire to do evil things. Something had to make him that way. And that’s why Vasich’s LOKI is so wonderful. Through his telling of the Sly One’s tale, you as the reader understand the reasoning behind Loki’s turn to the dark side—and oddly enough you may even find yourself cheering him on. I know I did.

“I am the same—one who was banished and hounded, one who suffered for his love of Asgard. I merely return to repay the debts I owe.”

Each passing chapter proved to be more engrossing than the last—with Vasich illustrating the world of the Norse Gods, their interactions and conflicts with his brilliant prose and character development.

Filled with gory (& incredibly detailed) battle scenes and raw emotions from the start, LOKI had me hooked. The final epic battle scene had me holding my breath, cringing and gasping out loud—THAT’s how immersed I was. So into it, that I never wanted it to end.

My crush on Tom Hiddleston may have been the impetus for reading this book, but it was Mr. Vasich’s writing that made me LOVE it.

Do yourself a favor and read LOKI.
Go out RIGHT NOW and buy it.
I promise you, you won’t regret it.


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