DWTS’s Irish Stud

Every season I anxiously await for Dancing With The Stars to get underway. I love all the costumes, drama, dancers and all those swinging hips! This year the professionals lineup was shaken up a bit, thereby giving a chance to DWTS troupe members to step up to the plate and shine. Among those entering the spotlight is Tristan MacManus, the newest DWTS heartthrob.
The Irish stud, who has this wonderful, albeit odd, habit of sticking his tongue out (he claims it just falls out of his mouth), is heating up the dance floor on DWTS with partner Nancy Grace this season. He’s also causing girls to swoon, including yours truly.

And why wouldn’t we swoon? The man is hot!
Now, normally I’m more of a British lover, but I would swim across the Irish Sea for this guy in a heartbeat. And I don’t even know how to swim!

This is probably the only time in my life I wish I was famous, just so I could be on DWTS  and dance with this hot potato.

Check out his moves and accent below!


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