Hiddles shows some pudding

So, maybe Tom Hiddleston DID read my blog! Or maybe he just read the 348,985,785 requests for him to show us some proof!
Today he posted a photo of the top of his head and fangirls went NUTS.

Apparently the black Loki hair is gone and was replaced with a, um… brown color?!
Not that big of a difference, but it serves as proof that it is indeed him tweeting.

As he said “And for all those that doubted. Proof? Pudding.”
Now, lets see if we can get him to actually tweet a photo of his face!

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3 thoughts on “Hiddles shows some pudding

    • haha I highly doubt Hiddleston ever reads anything I tweet him. He should get verified though.

      You know, I was thinking today, and let me know what you think about this… in a lot of ways I’m so happy Richard doesn’t have a Twitter. I like the mystery of it all. In my head RA is perfection. I’d hate for that image to be ruined.

      • I’m in total agreement regarding RA’s absence on Twitter. He’s a grown man capable of making his own decisions but I rather like being able to tweet about him without knowing he’s there.

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