More pudding…

In an attempt to distance myself from Tom Hiddleston’s glow and my love for him (this will simultaneously give you all a break), I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t post anything regarding Hiddleston for the next few days.
The posts would instead be about feminism, loyalty, life, my trip to Boston this weekend and any one of the other gentlemen I loveeeee.

That was the plan.
REALLY. It was.

But then he posted a photo. And not just any photo. It was a photo of frickin’ pudding.

Remember when I asked him to post a photo of pudding?!
Ask and you shall receive my friends. Ask and you shall receive!

OK. Posting-about-Hiddles detox begins now.
I warn you though, it may not last.

Remember, you too can follow Tom Hiddleston on Twitter @twhiddleston


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