Peter Jackson delivers Hobbit video

2012 is going to be one hell of a year for films (& geeks). Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, and the first installment of The Hobbit are all slated to be out next year.

For those of you counting down the days till we see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hit theaters, Peter Jackson has a gift for you. PJ was kind enough to share a video blog with fans on facebook. The blog, the 4th in his Hobbit set, focuses mostly on the 3D aspect of the film—the types of cameras they use, their approach to shooting 3D and 48 fps, a bunch of technology lingo, etc.

Richard Armitage fans, who are on the edge of their seat waiting for the next glimpse of their blue-eyed hunk, will be a smiles when they see their guy in action throughout the blog! There’s also some footage featuring Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and even Frodo (Elijah Wood).

To check out the video, head over to Peter Jackson’s facebook. And, while you’re there, I suggest you check out the first three video installments in his Hobbit Blog series.


2 thoughts on “Peter Jackson delivers Hobbit video

  1. Yay, such happy news! Of course as a RAbid Richard Armitage fan, I wanted more of Thorin featured, but I’m very delighted to see glimpses of him, and even a closeup! His eyes really shone through. 🙂

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