Hiddles does a body good

It’s been more than a week since I posted anything on the guy.
Lord knows I’ve been holding back, and practically bursting at the seams with excitement to talk about Hiddles.

There. I said it. Hiddles.

Aside from an epic Twitter battle he had with the GodofBadAssery (someone that tweets as Loki), Hiddleston has been fairly quiet, at least on the Twitter front. But then the Esquire UK photos came out and…well…I just can’t take it. It’s too much.

Enjoy Tom Hiddleston and his awesomeness.

He can pour sugar on me any day.
I have hypoglycemia.
I need my sugar to be stabilized. He would be good for my health 🙂

Is it weird that I kind of want to be his finger in that last photo? Don’t judge me!

Click here for a closer look at the photos.
Doesn’t he look dreamy in black & white? Gah!


3 thoughts on “Hiddles does a body good

    • He IS! Look at those cheek bones!
      You know what I like about Tom’s photos,? There’s always movement.
      Richard needs more movement photos. I want to see our darling Armitage jumping through the air!

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