More reports from Hobbiton

Eric Vespe has come through again!
This time he reports on the final days of shooting on the Hobbiton set of The Hobbit!
Lots of Bilbo Baggins/Martin Freeman goodness 🙂  The report even includes a photo of Freeman and Peter Jackson on the set.
BTW, is it just me or does Freeman always look a little angry?! Why so serious Freeman?! (Do me a favor and say that like the Joker.)

Anyway, head over to his site and don’t forget to follow him on twitter @EricVespe to stay up to date on The Hobbit set news. And while you’re on his site, check out his first and second reports from The Hobbit set!

Really hoping the next report has some Richard sugar!
Speaking of Richard, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite Richard Armitage fans @BCCMee !!! If you’re a fan of Richard make sure you check out BCC’s site and follow her on twitter!


One thought on “More reports from Hobbiton

  1. I too am excited about the reports coming in a trickle from Hobbit country and hopeful for some Richard Armitage news bits!

    Thanks so much for your kind birthday wishes!

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