“Mirror, Mirror” trailer hits the web

Five days after the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer hit the web, Relativity Media debuted the trailer for its own version of Snow White’s tale, Mirror, Mirror. The film stars Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Armie Hammer. Check out the trailer below.

Both films may share their origin story—that of Snow White—but that’s where the similarities seem to end, with both trailers serving as proof that the each film took radically different approaches to the classic tale.

Snow White and the Huntsman is obviously the more darker, serious and dare-I-say,  epic film of the two. But don’t count Mirror, Mirror out! The film, in theaters this coming March, does have its advantages. It is clearly a funnier, more lighthearted film and looks like it has the potential to be incredibly entertaining—making it a perfect family film.

I, for one, will definitely head to the theater to see both films. Why?
Well, because…
1) Julia Roberts is pretty awesome.
2) Snow White and the Huntsman does look pretty, frickin’ epic!

Which will you see?


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