My meeting with Frodo

This past Summer I was on a bit of a Lord of the Rings kick. I’ve always loved the trilogy, but for some reason I felt the urge (and need) to watch the extended editions plus special features over-and-over again for an entire month.  Maybe I was feeling Hobbity, or needed some magic, OR maybe I have NO social life. I don’t know. All I know is that I was watching the films, really watching them, trying to get a better understanding of the story and Peter Jackson’s methodology.

Right as my LOTR fan-marathon was ending I found out Frodo, I mean, Elijah Wood, would be making an in-store appearance at the Apple store in Soho, which happens to be about a 10 minute walk from my job. So I went.

I took my partner in crime, my little sister Jen, who is always up for anything. We waited patiently while Elijah talked about his new show Wilfred—the show was premiering on FX that night, and if you haven’t seen it, you must, its pretty damn funny. And he was nice enough to answer some fan questions. Surprisingly no one inquired about his role in The Hobbit. I, personally, wanted to ask him if it bothered him when people call him Frodo, but I didn’t dare. I was scared, didn’t want to piss Frodo off and to be honest, I hate participating.

Elijah looks into my soul..

Once everyone was done talking- Elijah made his way past the fans where he signed a few autographs and then was quickly whisked away. I decided we should stick around just to see if he would come out again. He did. And I knew this would be our only chance to interact with him, while he signed some guy’s DVD I went up to him and asked “Elijah would you mind taking a photo with my sister?”

He seemed more than happy to as he prepared himself for the photo. But then his handler stepped in and said “No, I’m sorry, he won’t be posing for any photos.” Hopes shattered.

The closest Jen got to having her photo taken with Elijah...the handler is the lady with the flowery top!

Elijah and I did share an intimate—albeit brief—moment. Immediately after the photo-block, he opened up his big blue eyes, locked eyes with me and give me the sweetest puppy dog lip I’ve ever seen.
“Oh, Mr. Frodo” I said. And then he was gone.

So there you have it my meeting with Frodo, not exactly what I hoped for, but I did get close to him. He’s much taller than I assumed, I’m guessing 5’5″ and he smells great! Oh, and those eyes really are the biggest blue eyes you’ll ever see.

Enjoy the following clip of Elijah being interviewed by Dominic Monoghan!


3 thoughts on “My meeting with Frodo

  1. I would love to have been that close! I was at the 2009 Comic Con, and he was at the far end of a room the size of what felt like a football field. They had huge monitors that gave you a close-up look, but even from (miles?) away you could still see those eyes flashing cool blue. So lovely!

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