The Journey begins soon! Hobbit trailer few hrs away…

Looking at my twitter feed one fact is evident—fans cannot wait for the precious later tonight. The long awaited Hobbit trailer is expected to hit the web at 10 pm EST, (that’s 7 pm out in the PST and around 3 in the morning for all my English friends)—almost an entire year before the film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters.

And I am ready. I have my Hobbit t-shirt on, a piece of chocolate standing by in the event my sugar drops from the excitement and my lungs ready to squeal with excitement.

For those of you attending the midnight showing of Peter Jackson’s other film, The Adventures of Tintin, you’ll be able to catch the trailer on the big screen right before the main attraction starts. Lucky you.

I, however, have opted to watch it from the comfort of my own home. Yes, the screen will be smaller, but watching it from my casa guarantees me one thing: I can yell and jump for joy as much as I want without having anyone tell me “Shut up and sit down.”

Fans of Tolkein’s work have been waiting for this moment for a very, very long time—most would tell you that they have longed for a live-action Hobbit film since they read the book at a young age. For fans of the LOTR film trilogy this moment has been 10 years in the making—a decade filled with “will they, or won’t they” questions. And for Richard Armitage admirers, who have been deprived of seeing their gorgeous hero over the last year or so, it’s about damn time!

I, myself, fall somewhere between categories 2 & 3, having been a huge fan of the trilogy and a lover of Mr. Armitage.

Excitement has been steadily building over the course of the last 8 months with the release of still photos and interviews from the set.  The newest image of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins (below) has been circling the web for the last 24 hrs and wreaking havoc on this nerd’s blood sugar. (Just as an aside, I’ve never really been attracted to Freeman, but you put the man in Hobbit clothes, give him Hobbit ears and hair, and suddenly I’m in love.)

But with all the images out on the web one can’t help but notice Thorin Oakenshield is noticeably absent from the majority of the released stills. Even in the first shots from Empire he’s in the background, but slightly out of focus.  The newest shots of Freeman feature a number of Dwarves, including James Nesbitt as Bofur, but no Thorin. Which begs the question, what’s up with the Armitage/Thorin secrecy?
The Armitage Army, (yes, I consider myself a member despite someone tweeting me to tell me I wasn’t because I wasn’t a part of the original group—rude, but people are mean-spirited sometimes) isn’t asking for much—just a glimpse of our guy in his Dwarve attire being all snooty, endearing, good looking and, at times, angry.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we’ve been lucky that PJ has been kind enough to provide fans with video blogs, and believe me when I say I really appreciate all he’s has shown us, but its been a while since the last one and I wants, that’s right, I said “wants,” to see Armitage in action.

Armitage, for those that don’t know, has been in the acting game for quite some time now. You can learn more about his career on In 2004 he soared to the top of women’s men-to-lust-after list after starring in North & South—if you’re a fan of Pride & Prejudice, I suggest you pick up North & South, or watch it on Netflix, seriously, one of the most romantic series EVER.

He later starred in a slew of British television productions such as Robin Hood, Spooks (MI 5) and Strikeback that would further increase his body of work and his fan base. But the man is more than just a pretty face. Sure, he’s got THE look—he stands at 6’ 2”, has a lean muscular built, eyes that could see into my soul any day of the week and a voice straight from heaven. But the man can also act his booty off. The range of emotions Armitage can convey with one single look is both amazing and unheard of. He really is fantastic to watch. And if his “Look back at me” in North & South doesn’t send chills up your spine, than you my dear reader are heartless.

This past summer he made his big screen Hollywood debut with his role as Heinz Kruger in Marvel’s Captain America. A role that required only 5 mins of screen time, but a role he truly made his own.

But its his role in The Hobbit that will garner him the respect and admiration he deserves from both his peers and his fans. And he’ll surely have women across the world swooning and drooling over him, that voice and those eyes.  My God,those eyes.

So get ready to have an eyegasm, eargasm and nerdgasm all at once tonight when we take a brief journey back to middle earth and reacquaint ourselves with a hobbit named Bilbo, a wizard by the name of Gandalf, and meet 12 singing dwarves and their Dwarve king.

Oh, and world, get ready to fall in love with Richard Armitage.


2 thoughts on “The Journey begins soon! Hobbit trailer few hrs away…

  1. We’re all a-twitter in anticipation. I’ve still got my Captain America 3D glasses and some very awesome organic popcorn-on-the-cob ready to pop! You said it, sister! We’re anxious for more Thorin. I hope he has a big presence in the trailer. Richard Armitage deserves to be seen and heard. ROAR!

    • had a break down of what the trailer will include, and from what they’re saying there will be lots of Richard! I would hope so, considering he is one of the starring roles!

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