Puerto Rican Holiday Baking Bonanza

We Puerto Ricans don’t do cookies.
Well, I shouldn’t say we don’t do them.
We eat them. We definitely will eat them.
And I’m pretty sure there’s such a thing as a Puerto Rican cookie.
But as a 27 year old Puerto Rican, who has been Puerto Rican all her life, and has been surrounded by 47,584,794 Puerto Rican relatives, its safe for me to say that the cookie is not a dessert that’s really ingrained into my Boricua culture.

We have arroz con gandules, pernil, ensalada de papa, but finding a cookie at one our fiestas is rare. When we go over to someone’s house we don’t bring cookies. We don’t bake cookies on holidays. And we don’t give them out as gifts. We just don’t.

You see, for Puerto Rican’s our staple desserts are flan, arroz con leche, Budín de pan or majarete. All are jello or pudding like. Nothing cookie-ish about them.

But this year I wanted to shake things up a bit and show my people that there are other desserts we should try. The cookie for instance. The cookie can be quite delicious. So Puerto Rican Bakefest 2011 began just in time for Christmas Eve, where my family of 47,584,794 relatives would come over and enjoy some great food and cookies for days on end.

I baked.

And baked.

And baked some more.

All of it from scratch and with lots of love!

And before I knew it I had moved on from the cookies into the cupcake universe!

And finally, I made my way to truffle world.

While they may not be the best looking treats, I assure you, they all turned out delicious.
So much so, that the Puerto Ricans who aren’t big cookie eaters LOVED them and have requested I make the same cookies for next month’s get together.

The only added baking request came from my aunt C who asked if I could bring a flan as well.


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