It’s going to be a happy new year

Hey, Everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and an awesome new year (celebration).
I’m keeping my fingers crossed, lighting candles, saying prayers, rubbing troll bellies and shining elephant booty in the hopes that this new year is a great one for all of us.

2012 began pretty much like any other year, surrounded by family, and while that can be stressful, it really is a beautiful thing. I’m fortunate in that I have a rather large and extended family—even when mini civil wars break out, we truly make an effort to put those nasty differences aside and spend our holidays together—and that’s always a great way to end and a start a year. I’m grateful for that.

For the next 7 days we await the birth of my second niece, Xiomara. I plan to call her Suzy or Zeus for short. Depends on her attitude, really. She’s due in a week and we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for her arrival. As for her older sister, Princess D, well she’s just flourishing into a sassy, smart and beautiful little lady. She does this really cute thing where she shoots her hands in the air and yells “touchdown” when she sees a football or basketball game on TV. If you ask her if she’s “chillin” she will reply with a “yeh” or a “naaaaaa.” And to top off the avalanche of cuteness, she’s formed a sweet attachment with my Rocky Balboa bobblehead. Can you tell we’re related?

Before I continue blabbing away, I should apologize for not posting for a while. Granted, I’m sure my readers—all five of you 🙂 —have better things to do than wait around for a posting from me but in case you were wondering why the lack of posting-I have a very, very good reason.  See, for the last few weeks I’ve been extremely busy.

Busy baking and eating the baked goodies.

Busy watching British television & Fangirling.
Series 2 of Downton Abbey took over my life for a few days; the drama, the costumes, the will they or wont they, Dan Steven’s neck. But nope, that wasn’t enough. I went and searched for something else to lower my blood sugar, get me all excited and make me fangirl over. That’s right, I started watching the BBC’s Sherlock series.
I’m officially SHER-Locked. It’s sick.
It seriously is bloody brilliant. Fan-frickin’-tastic. Mind blowing. Oh my god I can’t take the amazingness of it all. The writing on that show is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced (this show is an experience!) and the acting is phenomenal. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are a dream team and truly make one another better actors. Seeing them in Sherlock only makes me all the more excited for The Hobbit later on this year, where, as you may be aware, Cumberbatch will be playing Smaug (as well as voicing the Necromancer), and Freeman will be Bilbo Baggins.
Can I just say that with every viewing of Sherlock and new photo of Freeman as Bilbo, I learn to appreciate Mr. Freeman more and more. I seriously like his face.

Speaking of The Hobbit, how exciting is it to say that it’ll be out later this year?!
I can’t wait to see how Peter Jackson takes us back to Middle Earth where we’ll  get to experience Bilbo’s adventure; and the world will finally get to meet a group of wonderful actors: Armitage, Freeman, Cumberbatch, Nesbitt, and Turner just to name a few.

Richard Armitage, by the way, was kind enough to send me an autograph photo! I received it in the mail today and had trouble keeping my excitement at work-appropriate levels. I had all but given up on receiving anything from him, but as luck would have it, there it was on my desk. A plain envelope with a royal stamp and a package of sexiness on the inside 🙂

Thank you Mr. Armitage for starting my day off right!!
This morning’s excitement reminded me of the day Tom Hiddleston re-tweeted me on Twitter. Yes. I am a dork. I know.

The Hobbit isn’t the only film I’m excited to see this year. 2012 looks like its going to be the year of awesome films. Dark Knight Rises; The Hunger Games; Snow White and The Huntsman and of course the Avengers. Marvel has been sort of cruel lately releasing just photos of Captain and Thor. I want to see some Loki! I mean Evans and Hemsworth are great to look at, but I wants to see Mr. Bad! Give me Mr. Bad Marvel!
Well, that’s a lot of bits of info in one shot. Lots of fangirling too.
I hope 2012 treats you all kindly. May it bless you with love, joy, health and happiness.  Dare to try something new everyday. Remain positive. Be willing to risk. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. And be open to new experiences and adventures. I, myself, am learning to let loose and just go where the streams of life may take me.

I’m seriously hoping though, that the stream leads me to London later this Spring.
I wonder if this guy is a part of the greeting party at Heathrow?! 🙂

How you doin?


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