Experiencing some Tea & Sympathy

A few days ago my co-worker, lets call her the Irish Lady, decided she would take me on a field trip to the local library to get me a library card. She had learned I didn’t have one and the truth is I don’t recall ever owning one when I was younger. haha Sad but true.

After getting my card, and realizing that I can rent BBC dvd’s at the Library (HELLO! Happy Shirley!), we made our way to Tea & Sympathy in the quest for some English deliciousness.  I made the conscious decision to step out of my comfort zone and try some of the more traditional English food staples. After all, I don’t want to disrespect the lovely English folks while I’m over there later this Spring.

So the first thing we did was order tea.

Now, I’m Puerto Rican. We don’t drink tea. We drink coffee.

So the decision, of what tea I should order and then later drink, was a HUGE out of the box experience for me.

After asking me a few questions, the Irish Lady concluded that I would not like the tea she ordered, a Yorkshire Gold, or anything akin to her selection, so I went with the complete opposite–a vanilla flavored tea. It was quite good.
I didn’t drink my entire tea pot, but I did have two cups! That’s huge! Huge I tell you!

Then came the big moment where I’d have to order lunch.
Immediately my eye went to the bacon and avocado sandwich. Its safe. I like bacon. I love avocado. So I knew I would like it.
But at the last minute, I surprised myself, changed my mind and went with the Bacon, Bangers & Beans plate.

As a Puerto Rican, the only time I have beans is with rice.
Not toast.
Not sausage.
Not bacon.
But I tried it anyway.
And you know what? I ate it! It was really good! Super filling! And most importantly totally worth it.

So what’s the lesson of the day kids? Don’t knock it till you try it.


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