America, meet William Levy

In his quest to conquer U.S. audiences, William Levy, well known to his Spanish audiences as a telenovela/film heartthrob, has joined Dancing With The Stars season 14 cast. The papi chulo, who likes to describe himself as “Normal, Natural y Un Poquito Acelerao,” has been paired up with DWTS veteran Cheryl Burke.

This bit of casting news is exciting to the Latin Community, who last year cheered on war vet JR Martinez.

Cuba-born Levy, who started his career as a model, is one of the most successful and popular actors in Spanish television, having starred in two of Televisa’s most watched productions “Sortilegio” and “Triunfo Del Amor.

Here is an interesting tidbit:  over on NBC-owned Spanish station Univision, they have their own version of DWTS called Mira Quien Baila. Levy’s partner and mother of his two kids, Elizabeth Gutierrez was part of the celebrity cast of MQB last season.

So what can U.S. audiences expect to see from Levy?
Well, for starters, dedication and hard work. Having watched the man progress throughout his acting career, I can guarantee he’s going to be extremely dedicated, take constructive criticism well and work on his skills.

The finest male body you’ll ever see on TV.
Now, by now, you know me. I have no shame drooling over men. Armitage, Hiddleston, Cumberbatch. I love them all. Levy is no different and he perhaps has the most perfect male body I’ve ever seen. From the pout of his lips to the tip of his toes, he’s perfection.

Can he dance?
Well, he’s Cuban, there’s salsa blood in there. So I sure hope so.

Will U.S. audiences like him?
That depends on how Levy is portrayed in the show’s editing. What I can guarantee is that women will be drooling over ‘nuestro querido Willy” for the rest of the season. And Spanish audiences will be tuning in to see their heartthrob melt America’s heart.


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