Elementary has its Watson and its no Freeman

In a surprising move, CBS has called on Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal, Charlie’s Angels) to play its Dr. Watson in Elementary. According to Deadline, having just left rehab, “Holmes now lives in Brooklyn with ‘sober companion’ Joan Watson (Liu), a former surgeon who lost her license after a patient died, while consulting for the NYPD.”  While the twitterverse and TumblrWorld reaction was mixed, I’m actually quite excited to see this, I have always like Liu and am curious to see her take on Watson.

I have to say though, what would’ve been really neat is if all the leads in the show would’ve been female. Like seriously, can you imagine someone like Ruth Wilson playing Moriarty? How awesome would that be?!

By keeping Sherlock Holmes a male character and making Watson female, the show isn’t any different than say Castle, Bones or any other CSI sort of show out there. And you have to wonder—aside from wanting to step out from under BBC’s Sherlock shadow—was the choice to go with a female Watson more to do with wanting to avoid the Sherlock/John are they gay or aren’t they questions? By pairing up Miller with Liu, the tension and love between Holmes/Watson won’t make narrow-minded audience members uncomfortable.

Its a shame really, because its that love between Sherlock/John and Sherlock’s ambiguity that makes BBC’s Sherlock so wonderful to watch.

What do you all think?


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