New Avengers trailer released

It has been a good day for this geek.

First, I wake up to news that Peter Jackson will soon have a new Hobbit video blog for us—I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we not only get to see more Richard Armitage in action, some shots of Martin Freeman being Hobbity, but also Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch in a motion capture suit sliding across the floor on his belly.

THEN, Marvel released the second official trailer to The Avengers. And it was EPIC.

Favorite lines from the trailer:

Tony Stark/Iron Man: “I thought I didn’t qualify…apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed and don’t play well with others”

Agent Coulson: “They need a time out”

Loki: “How desperate are you to call on such lost creatures to protect you?”

Bruce Banner/Hulk: “We’re not a team. We’re a time bomb.”

I have to admit, I began to have my doubts after the Superbowl spot, but this has restored my faith. May 4th, get here, quick!!!


3 thoughts on “New Avengers trailer released

  1. It looks pretty good, although I still am still not sold on the CGI Hulk. I thought you would have said your favorite line was: Black Widow/Scarlett: “We were never trained for this (acting).”

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