New Avengers trailer released

It has been a good day for this geek. First, I wake up to news that Peter Jackson will soon have a new Hobbit video blog for us—I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we not only get to see more Richard Armitage in action, some shots of Martin Freeman being Hobbity, but also Mr. Benedict … Continue reading

America, meet William Levy

In his quest to conquer U.S. audiences, William Levy, well known to his Spanish audiences as a telenovela/film heartthrob, has joined Dancing With The Stars season 14 cast. The papi chulo, who likes to describe himself as “Normal, Natural y Un Poquito Acelerao,” has been paired up with DWTS veteran Cheryl Burke. This bit of … Continue reading

Elementary has its Watson and its no Freeman

In a surprising move, CBS has called on Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal, Charlie’s Angels) to play its Dr. Watson in Elementary. According to Deadline, having just left rehab, “Holmes now lives in Brooklyn with ‘sober companion’ Joan Watson (Liu), a former surgeon who lost her license after a patient died, while consulting for the NYPD.”  … Continue reading

Cumberbatch fever is spreading

Its official, the world has been Cumberbatched. Everyone, including my mama, is suffering from the Cumberbatch fever. We need more Cumberbatch! Spread that Cumberbatch love! It’s a good thing then that we have been treated to a number of photos and video clips of our favorite guy. From a paparazzi sighting where we spotted the … Continue reading

Elementary gets its Sherlock

Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone, Emma) has been tapped to play Sherlock Holmes in CBS’ Elementary. The show will see Miller’s Sherlock in present day New York, where he will be tech savvy  (using text messaging and the internet to communicate) and solve crimes. The formula is familiar—with the show clearly taking a page straight … Continue reading

A Hulky Conundrum

“Why is it that Bruce Banner never loses his pants when he turns into the Hulk?” This is the question I asked my boss a few hours ago. Yes, we’re that dorky. If you think about it though, it’s a perfectly valid question. The guy loses his shirt, his shoes and even his socks, yet … Continue reading

Celebrating Hiddles’ Birth

Today is Tom Hiddleston’s 31st birthday. Happy birthday you sexy, beautiful, wonderful God of Mischief you. Send Tom your well wishes, hugs & kisses @twhiddleston on twitter.

Getting Cumberbatched

It’s my lunch break and instead of going out to eat, or going out for a walk, I’m at my desk. Blogging. Who needs food and sunlight anyway? It’s just a distraction. Could be bad for your health…you know, that sunlight. Anyway, I need to think!  Ogle! Drool!  I need to take in the beauty … Continue reading

Experiencing some Tea & Sympathy

A few days ago my co-worker, lets call her the Irish Lady, decided she would take me on a field trip to the local library to get me a library card. She had learned I didn’t have one and the truth is I don’t recall ever owning one when I was younger. haha Sad but … Continue reading

“Staying Alive” after The Reichenbach Fall

*Please Note: This blog contains spoilers on Sherlock S2.* After Sunday night’s Sherlock episode, I’m having a tough time… Concentrating. Thinking clearly. Making sense of things. The episode is haunting me. Not in a negative, oh my God I’m having nightmares, sort of way, but rather in the way an ex haunts you after a … Continue reading